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Monday, September 26, 2016

Wonderful Weather!

The weather gods did indeed smile on us, for the third year in a row.  We swam, supped, ate, hiked, sang, and had a wonderful time.  We're in recovery now, but we'll have photos for you all ASAP! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

On the Road Again

Assemble the stuff, load up the car and go.
  One full year of planning is about to culminate in a great weekend of fun and food and friends.
If you could not be with us this year, we'll be thinking about you.
Comment here or on facebook and we'll remember you in our opening ceremony tomorrow morning.

If you are coming, remember the extra blanket, it's really fall and the nights will be cold although the days will be sunny!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lists Galore!

I can't believe it's almost here!  Great Escape 2016 is just three days away.

Christa's house, the Lodge, the Dining Hall, tents and cabins - soon the bed assignment signs will go up and the squirrels, chipmunks and birds will have to retreat to their lairs - just when they were starting to relax after the departure of all those loud kids and counselors!

The GE Committee email list is buzzing with last minute plans, arrival times, requests for help, reminders to bring this or buy more of that.  Meals and activities for 100+ people for 4 days take a lot of planning and purchasing.  This morning I sat down with a large (18 x 20) pad of paper to make my lists of what I need to bring and buy and do before Friday morning. Even as I type this, I'm thinking of additions (and writing them on my hand since the list is downstairs.)

Are you making your lists?  Here are some reminders of important items to bring!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Means Great Escape!

Yesterday we were outside before breakfast and DH said "This is the first morning that feels like school."  He meant that the air was cool and dry and the sky was bright blue, reminding him of an early morning walk across campus.  Now that I'm a little older, fall, which used to mean school, means a visit or two to one of our GSEM camps.
  This weekend it's Runels, next weekend, Wabasso for the Great Escape!
On Sunday, my troop asked me if we could go 'glamping' this year.  I was proud to tell them that indeed I was going glamping this month and I'd show them pictures of how it turned out.  (I promised them a 'glamping' trip in the spring.) You will see the photos, too, so if you weren't able to register on time, remember to watch the blog because we might have some little surprises, some little innovations to show everyone!

If you are coming to GE for the first time, remember that although September days can be glorious, the nights can be cool, so let me remind you that layers are your friends and cotton kills!  Over the last few years I've decided that camp time is time to be comfortable and fashion can wait - yoga pants, hoodies, layers and warmth without weight are the watchwords!

OTOH, those cotton wreaths that Joanna Gaines popularized are the bomb.Yes, I'm still wreath - obsessed.

Monday, September 5, 2016


My friend Laura over at Decor to Adore is making napkins with acorn rings today.  That reminded me that acorns is the theme of this year's Great Escape.
Last year they were abundant, falling big and plump and noisy from the trees by this time. That's why I chose them as my them even before GE 2015 was over!
This year they are tiny, stunted by lack of water, falling while still green, some of them, ignored by the squirrels and chippies who seem to have moved to greener pastures - perhaps the trees deep in the woods have done better than the 15 oaks on my lawn.

I expected that Hermine would bring us a little water - having had a great aunt by marriage of that name I thought perhaps it was a good omen - but no, the sun is shining again although it's cool and windy! But the warm and dry weather will be a boon at Great Escape.  If you have any acorns, bring them with you.  I need them.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Less Than A Month!

People, in one month, Great Escape 2016 will be over.
Scary thought! So this week I spent some time crafting examples for my workshop, working on the themed decorations and thinking about the photo board.  Now I'm going to turn my mind to the auction!  What kind of handcrafted item or themed basket will you create this year?  Pinterest users who need inspiration can go to this gift baskets board.  If you are a newbie, information about the auction is on the Great Escape website here.  Whether you are a crafter or a shopper, this last week before Labor Day is a good time to get ready for fall fun in New Hampshire.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Let The Kids Play With Knives!

Our Camp Runels buddies are so with it!  This year they stated at least two new programs at camp - a maker space and a wood lot.  Yes, they let the older campers learn to work with knives, saws and axes!  Read all about it at the Runels blog.  Be assured, though, that Camp Director Fluke/Sarah is a great cook - our GE turkeys are guaranteed not to taste like sawdust!