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Friday, April 28, 2017

Mission: Sisterhood

One of the girls in my troop wrote this short essay as part of her Mission: Sisterhood Journey.
I found it heartfelt and moving, and thought some of you might enjoy it.   She gave me permission to share it with you.

Sisterhood is the feeling of  deep connection and community one experiences in female relationships.  Sisterhood is much like the bond you have with a sibling but one does not necessarily have to have a sibling in order to understand this powerful bond.    
 Sisterhood begins with yourself as you cannot be a true friend to anyone else before being a true friend to yourself.  Once you are your own friend sisterhood expands to include others.  Sisterhood is the trust and understanding in a relationship that is lasting and that can define and create ever deeper relationships between individuals and groups.  Sisterhood is based on positive friendships and cannot be forced.  You can experience sisterhood with another person but it cannot be forced.  You can also experience sisterhood by being a positive force on yourself and others.  Sisterhood is hard to attain but is extremely rewarding for the individuals involved.  Sisterhood is not only a way of defining a relationship but it can also be a lifeline and help someone through difficulties.  Sisterhood is a fulfilling part of a girl's or woman’s life and can be experienced at any point during a lifetime.  Sisterhood can be experienced by people of different ages or even generations.  Sisterhood increases your confidence level and empower you to become the best person you can be.
Sisterhood has affected me personally by giving me the courage to participate in the performing arts, pursue STEM fields, meet new people, see different perspectives, speak my mind, and to try new things.  Sisterhood is the understanding, love, and compassion that has helped me through some of the most difficult experiences of my life.
Sisterhood has affected me in so many positive ways.  I have experienced sisterhood in my high school and in my girl scouting careers.  Sisterhood is not just a concept but is a way of being and understanding others in an extremely personal and deep way.