Registration for GE 2018 is open!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Over Half Full!

At painting class today, I mentioned that I had recently survived a tornado at a Girl Scout Camp in Sutton NH.  One of the painters said "Camp Wabasso?  I went there in fourth and fifth grade."  I handed her the website address and told her all about the Great Escape.

Amazingly, time is running out if you want to sign up for this year - we are about 60% full after only 10 days. Lots of workshops still have room, though - we were talking about rock painting in our watercolor class, and there's room in two different classes - including story stones, which is a wonderful thing to have in a GS, teaching or grandma's tool kit!

Fixer Upper fans might have noticed that Jojo used twig stars in a reno she did for a 'wounded warrior' in the last season of the show, and we have a workshop for that!
Wet on Wet Watercolors are something anyone can have fun with, and you can help us make a book
to be used at the event!
Scout skills are always fun to learn, even if you don't have a troop any more.  Geocaching is a new-ish sort of a scavenger hunt with the help of a hand-held GPS device, but if you are old school, you can brush up on your compass skills with Lesley! 

Something for everyone!  Register now!

Friday, May 11, 2018

2018 Merchandise Preview

This year we are selling metal campfire mugs - really retro!  They will look like this, only with the GE logo...
People have been asking for patches for a long time - and here is the proof - the actual patch will be 3.5 inches wide, embroidered in green on yellow fabric. 
The mugs are $10 each, the patches $3.  You can order one of each when you register.  More will be for sale at the event, but the quantities, especially of the mugs, will be limited so bring cash!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Registration is Open!


There were two big storms this weekend!  One was at Camp Wabasso - there might have been a tornado, even!  We were camping in Tinuwen and I am happy to say that thanks to the rock climbing wall, the pavilion stayed dry, and my girls were very brave - no panic.  Our access was cut off for a short time by a fallen tree but the doughty Bruce brought his chainsaw and the tractor, and freed us.  The girls enjoyed his lesson on chainsaw safety.  He graciously opened up Christa's house for us so the girls, who are very interested in space science, could visit her memorial.  Bruce was planting sunflower seeds, but who knows what other seeds were planted by his patient answers to their questions?   Thanks, Bruce, for keeping our camp so beautiful.

The other storm was the emails exchanged by committee members as we go live with registration!  Take a look at the workshop list and make your picks.  We are also ordering new patches and mugs for sale this year - pictures will be available as soon as I finalize proofs with the vendors.

Other than downed trees, camp came through the storm unscathed!  Here are a few pictures to remind you of how beautiful it is, even before the leaves come out.  Sign up soon to ensure your space for our fall gathering.