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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New! GE Fleece Vests or Jackets

We're selling embroidered GE fleece vests or jackets this year with a new wrinkle - they are from LL Bean! Choose one of 6 colors, in misses', women's or men's sizes, with an embroidered Great Escape logo on the left-hand shoulder.

Misses'/Women's Styles

Mens styles

Orders must be placed by August 20th to be available for pickup when you get to GE!  Go here for all the details and to place your order! (If you order later than August 20th, we can't guarantee they'll be available at the event, but we'll arrange pickup....see the product sales page for details!)

Here's the logo that will be on the shoulder:

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Use for a Hula Hoop!

Got a hula hoop sitting in the garage from the time when your kids were little?  Sign up for GE (July 31 is the last day to early bird!) and you can use it as a frame to make a rug!  Long time camper expert Bandit will be teaching "Hula Hoop Rugs."  See the requirements here.
Then register and start collecting t-shirts!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Calling All Early Birds!

Early Bird registration for Great Escape ends on August 1st!  It's hard to imagine that summer can end.  The prospect of many weeks of warm weather and no school makes me think that I'll get tons of big projects done.  Redecorate, garden, paint, build, clean closets - I'm sure your list is long too. Here's one easy thing to cross off - register for GE and save $10.00!  Bring a friend who hasn't attended GE before and save $5.00 more!  It's a great summer bargain.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bloggin' Fun

I've been writing this blog for almost two years now, and I've learned a lot.  I also follow a lot of blogs, especially DIY/home improvement type blogs. 

Some years ago, I noticed that Americans tend to spend the summer at gatherings/festivals/conferences organized around their hobbies and avocations.  Handbell festivals, dulcimer and autoharp gatherings, square dance conventions - you name it, there's an event for it!  Blogging is no exception - a couple of weeks ago I noticed that a lot of the bloggers I follow were on their way to "Haven."  Here's something that explains what that's all about - and I think it's funny, too.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learn To Paint

This year we are lucky to have a workshop presenter offering classes in how to paint in water colors and in acrylics. These are two very different media, but both are fun to work with.  And quite often these days, you will see them combined, with other materials as well, in mixed-media art - all the rage right now.  

 Like me, you might wonder what's the difference between the two kinds of paints and whether the method of using them is different? Watercolor paint uses a water soluble binder and the pigment (color) can be re-suspended by re-wetting when dry.  This allows colors to be layered, since the paint is usually transparent.  Acrylic paint uses a synthetic plastic binder which once dry can not be dissolved. Water color techniques can be used with acrylics to a limited extent, but usually oil painting techniques are used. Of course there are exceptions to every rule!

If you take either or both of these workshops, the instructor promises you will go home with several pictures to add to your collection, and of course, you'll have learned a lot!  So when you register, remember to check out the workshops page and choose something fun.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beginner Latin Cardio - Sign Up Now!

As I noted in this earlier post Cindy's workshop this year is "Beginner Latin Cardio."  It's an introduction to the popular dance and exercise combination  - we Great Escapers are so trendy!  Learn basic Latin dance steps and dance along.  If you've been curious about this craze you've seen advertised as "rhumba with a Z" (as my husband says) or you would just like to exercise to music for an hour during your weekend escape, this is the workshop for you.  Plan to wear comfortable clothes, but you don't have to bring your bathing suit - especially not these super trendy wool numbers!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Have Your Service Team Retreat at Great Escape!

As we all know, the Girl Scout year officially begins on October 1.  To have a successful year, service teams need to work together to plan events, recruitments, ceremonies, parades and just plain fun.  Arrange a team retreat and get your planning done in one weekend at a relaxing and luxurious 'glamping' weekend - and we'll take care of the logistics.  Bring the team to Great Escape. 

Enjoy fall in New Hampshire and our delicious meals.  We'll supply you with meeting space, and, if you like, GSEM facilitators will provide ideas for team-building games and activities!  Get it all done and start the year with confidence and peace of mind that you've got a plan and everyone is 'in the loop!'

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New In 2014 - Art Journaling

What is it, you might ask?  Easy definition - art and words in a journal, together!  But like so many simple things, as one delves into the subject so many variations and refinements are created, that getting started can be overwhelming.  For example, what do you use for a journal?  What kinds of art materials do you need?   Why make the effort?  Which comes first - the words or the art?  What do you mean by art?  Do you have to combine the talents of Jane Austen and Georgia O'Keefe in order to be an art journalist?

Of course not!  All those questions will be answered in the workshop I'm offering at GE 2014. 

Spines and prickles may hide, golden sweetness found inside.
In the example above, blobs of paint were dropped at random and pushed around the page.  The top of a pineapple suggested itself - a couple of markers completed the image - and a short poem germinated during the process of drawing. 

Course participants will receive a journal and a pen - so if you haven't signed up yet, remember that Early Bird registration ends July 31!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Auction 2014 - Part 1

I've written before about Dave Griffin's photography, specifically his wallpaper calendars. Dave's Blog. Dave has taken some great photos at Wabasso specifically and in New Hampshire generally, so in this year's auction, you'll have a chance to bid on some great framed art!

Here's this month's calendar!  Go to the blog to use it as your computer's wallpaper.

Dave's Wallpaper Calendar for July