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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Vacation? Keep GE Auction Baskets in Mind!

Last weekend I attended the Biennial Handbell Musicians of America Area 1 (NE) Conference.

An amazing group of musicians played for us.  Check out Forte at  They are from Colorado; be sure to check out their videos.  They are even more amazing in performance - they do a lot of comedy bits!

There was a basket auction, too, and I took some photos and notes.  Many baskets were themed to the New England States.  That's what made me think that if you are on vacay, you might want to pick up basket items.  I love to shop for souvenirs but the thought of cluttering up the house keeps my purse closed.  Putting the items in a Great Escape basket would benefit our camps and satisfy that shopping gene!

Everyone bid on this wonderful item - a portable firepit filled with s'mores ingredients.

There were baskets from all the New England States, labelled with what was in the basket.  And wrapped beautifully too!

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