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Friday, January 4, 2013


More Great Escape Recipes

Happy New Year everyone!   The committee is hard at work preparing for our retreat on the weekend of January 11 - 13.  We hope to have lots of fun things to tell you about afterwards. 
In the meantime here are some more recipes.  I find at this cold time of year, my tastes turn to warm and satisfying dishes; but at the same time we've all resolved to eat healthy!  These should help satisfy both impulses.
Once again thanks to the kitchen crew, headed by Sarah/Fluke who sent me these links.  Since they took over cooking, they have worked so hard to try to satisfy everyone's different dietary requirements while making sure participants are sent home replete with yummy, tasty food!

Minestrone Soup -

Broccoli Cheese Soup -

Vegetarian Chili -

BBQ Tofu -

Collard Greens -

Baked Beans -