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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Great Escape Book Club

Our discussion of "Last Child in the Woods" was well attended.  Of course, it was preaching to the choir - we all agree that being out doors is important to all children.  One participant noted that as an adult, being outdoors is key to managing her own ADD symptoms - she can feel the changes in her mind and body after a few minutes outside.
All decried schools reducing or eliminating recess.  Taking time away from play does not add instructional time to the day, instead, it adds to the amount of time teachers are disciplining children who can't (and shouldn't) sit still for hours on end.

Screens were also identified as an enemy of children - we noted that when we take girls to camp they get creative with sticks and stones and other natural elements, and play develops in an organic, natural way.

Our second annual book club meeting was a success!  If you have a suggestion for our third book, let us know and check back in mid-winter for our selection.
Thanks, kitchen crew, for providing us with appetizers to tide us over until dinner as we enjoyed the late afternoon sun and the great discussion!  And big thanks go to our book club facilitator Julie (in purple, second on left) for all her work!  Great job!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Apples for Friends

If you and your 'crew' took a photo with the board, send it to us at!

The ceremony has been posted on our website at

GE 2015 - Dispatch from the Front

It's not over yet but we have some sneak peeks.

Was it restful? The two people in this photo (baby under blanket!) thought so!
Was the food good? Oh yeah!

Did we sing and play?
Did we make cool stuff?

Wish you were here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weather, Whether or Not!

 Three days to go!

The weekend forecast is for sun and high 60s. That's the same forecast as last year; and it turned out to be a lot warmer, so let's hope for the same good luck this year.  But our motto is as it's always been...
Bring those layers, because it can be cooler under the trees.  And I think it's worth repeating this advice about sleeping out in cold weather.  All of us agreed that fleece socks were our number one tip! I recommend a camisole under long sleeve fleece pajamas or long underwear,  and a drawstring hoodie with a front pocket for warmth.  One advisor likes two small fleece blankets - one for her feet inside the bag, one for her head, outside the bag.
I asked the GE committee:  “What is the one thing you would recommend people tuck into their backpacks to ensure comfort at GE this year? (Not including raincoat and pants...) Or, what do you sleep in that keeps you comfortable?”
Here are some responses!   Comment if you think we’ve missed something!
I am a huge fan of a thin fleece sleeping bag liner and a hat. Also, change all clothes before going to bed.  – Sue
I like to use the hand and foot warmers. I throw one in the bottom of my bag. Keeps my feet nice and warm. I have also used a thermacare back patch. - Kathy
I like to wear a hat if it's really cold or pull a hood up over my head. But I like it to be a little chilly when I sleep, so usually I end up with 1 foot sticking out of the bag! – Danielle
Last weekend I happened to have one of these beach mats in the car, so I tied it to my sleeping bag - insulation against the cold mattress and a pillow in one!  Genius! - Deb
Always put clean clothes on, especially socks! Hat and fleece hoodie keeps drafts away. Fleece blanket under the sleeping bag keeps cold from the mattress from seeping thru. If you wake up, go pee! Otherwise it keeps you awake and cold, because your body devotes energy to keeping that liquid warm! Pat

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just Nine Days Until GE 2015!

Just nine days until we get in the cars to go to Wabasso!  At my house, we've started to work on last minute details such as assembling auction 'baskets' and purchasing supplies - for workshops we're teaching and those we're taking!

Here are some links back to last year's pre-event posts.
About the Auction
How to Sleep Warm

If you are attending for the first time, check those posts for a little preview of what you need to know!
See you at the flag circle!

Monday, September 14, 2015

GE People....

I took part of my troop to Runels this weekend and was greeted by GE friends who were there with an encampment.  They kindly invited us to be part of their event and we all got together for songs and s'mores on Saturday night! 
Louise, Deb, Barb at Runels!
Runels was gorgeous this weekend!  I call this Monet 2.
 And, Holly and Binx were at Runels this weekend too!  Holly was on the waterfront on Saturday, and Binx was on the high ropes course on Sunday.  What a trip we had thanks to our GE friends.

GE is just eleven days away!  Don't forget those auction baskets, and if the weather looks to be as good as this weekend, when it was warmer in NH than in MA, bring your bathing suits.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This Girl Guide has reached a milestone - today she becomes the longest-serving monarch in British history! She's been queen for more than 63.5 years.
She's 89 years old and still going strong.  If she lives as long as her mother, she could make it to 75 years as Queen.
I'm sure I can speak for all of us and say "Best wishes to you from all of your fellow Girl Scouts and Guides."

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Art of Auction Baskets

Guest Blogger Holly writes....
As we look forward to Great Escape, I’m sure some of you are remembering the excitement and glee of last year’s live auction.  For those of you who are new to the Great Escape community, every year we hold a live auction to benefit Camp Wabasso, which in turn benefits us as we come back year after year.  Our phenomenal auctioneer Kaye/Cookie auctions off baskets of goodies donated by G.E. participants.  We hope you will consider bringing a basket, and to help kickstart your creative process, we’ve come up with a few general themes for you to make your own.
When we say basket… we don’t necessarily mean basket.  Useful tote bags, bowls or other clever containers can help make your donation the one to bid on. (The photo above is of a laundry basket filled with baby gifts!)

When in doubt… wine and chocolate.  The Great Escape is home to many enthusiastic “winers,” so these items are always in demand.

Make a mother’s or grandmother’s fun day kit… we have moms and grandmas who are always looking for gifts and activities for kids.

If you are taking a trip somewhere exciting this year, consider remembering your Great Escape friends with a fun, unique souvenir. 

Crafts are a big part of Great Escape, and hand crafted treasures are wildly popular.  Baskets of crafting goodies are highly appreciated. The bag below held bulbs and a complete set of gardening tools.
Create something you would want to bid on.  Your favorite books, hobbies, colors, movies, animals, and music are all great starting places.  Odds are your fellow Great Escapers will like them too!

Good luck!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Weeks...

Three weeks from today the Thursday Crew will be arriving at Wabasso to prepare the camp for you!
They will be stocking the washhouses, putting up signs with the sleeping assignments, setting up, moving and washing tables and chairs, and doing a million other little jobs that crop up when you are throwing a weekend long party!

If you haven't registered yet, do it today!