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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weather, Whether or Not!

 Three days to go!

The weekend forecast is for sun and high 60s. That's the same forecast as last year; and it turned out to be a lot warmer, so let's hope for the same good luck this year.  But our motto is as it's always been...
Bring those layers, because it can be cooler under the trees.  And I think it's worth repeating this advice about sleeping out in cold weather.  All of us agreed that fleece socks were our number one tip! I recommend a camisole under long sleeve fleece pajamas or long underwear,  and a drawstring hoodie with a front pocket for warmth.  One advisor likes two small fleece blankets - one for her feet inside the bag, one for her head, outside the bag.
I asked the GE committee:  “What is the one thing you would recommend people tuck into their backpacks to ensure comfort at GE this year? (Not including raincoat and pants...) Or, what do you sleep in that keeps you comfortable?”
Here are some responses!   Comment if you think we’ve missed something!
I am a huge fan of a thin fleece sleeping bag liner and a hat. Also, change all clothes before going to bed.  – Sue
I like to use the hand and foot warmers. I throw one in the bottom of my bag. Keeps my feet nice and warm. I have also used a thermacare back patch. - Kathy
I like to wear a hat if it's really cold or pull a hood up over my head. But I like it to be a little chilly when I sleep, so usually I end up with 1 foot sticking out of the bag! – Danielle
Last weekend I happened to have one of these beach mats in the car, so I tied it to my sleeping bag - insulation against the cold mattress and a pillow in one!  Genius! - Deb
Always put clean clothes on, especially socks! Hat and fleece hoodie keeps drafts away. Fleece blanket under the sleeping bag keeps cold from the mattress from seeping thru. If you wake up, go pee! Otherwise it keeps you awake and cold, because your body devotes energy to keeping that liquid warm! Pat


  1. A pair of gloves or mittens comes in handy. The first time I stayed at Wabasso was for a conference and it was my freezing hands that woke me up. Lynn

  2. Where did this patch come from? Is it still available where do I get one?