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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Art of Auction Baskets

Guest Blogger Holly writes....
As we look forward to Great Escape, I’m sure some of you are remembering the excitement and glee of last year’s live auction.  For those of you who are new to the Great Escape community, every year we hold a live auction to benefit Camp Wabasso, which in turn benefits us as we come back year after year.  Our phenomenal auctioneer Kaye/Cookie auctions off baskets of goodies donated by G.E. participants.  We hope you will consider bringing a basket, and to help kickstart your creative process, we’ve come up with a few general themes for you to make your own.
When we say basket… we don’t necessarily mean basket.  Useful tote bags, bowls or other clever containers can help make your donation the one to bid on. (The photo above is of a laundry basket filled with baby gifts!)

When in doubt… wine and chocolate.  The Great Escape is home to many enthusiastic “winers,” so these items are always in demand.

Make a mother’s or grandmother’s fun day kit… we have moms and grandmas who are always looking for gifts and activities for kids.

If you are taking a trip somewhere exciting this year, consider remembering your Great Escape friends with a fun, unique souvenir. 

Crafts are a big part of Great Escape, and hand crafted treasures are wildly popular.  Baskets of crafting goodies are highly appreciated. The bag below held bulbs and a complete set of gardening tools.
Create something you would want to bid on.  Your favorite books, hobbies, colors, movies, animals, and music are all great starting places.  Odds are your fellow Great Escapers will like them too!

Good luck!

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  1. So very cute and clever!
    Have a happy Labor Day and a wonderful week!