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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workshops for 2014!

The (tentative) list of Great Escape Workshops for 2014 has been added to our website, and it's an exciting and impressive assembly of old and new!

 Of course the dynamic Kaye will be back singing and making art.

Pat and Paula will 'cover the waterfront' in canoes, Lesley will teach us archery - one of the skills most in demand by girls today, thanks to the Hunger Games.

Bandit has a new workshop on making a rug with a hula hoop, and "Hand and Foot" returns for card sharks of all persuasions.  Rose will be back for a second year with cigar box decorating!  Sue and I will be covering paper arts with scrapbooking, art journaling and gift tag making.

There'll be food workshops too!  That's just a preview.  We may add more.  So, jump on over and take a look at:

Great Escape 2014 Workshops

Saturday, March 22, 2014


The other day I went to a retirement party for Lou Ann, our Great Escape liaison with GSEM.  Lou Ann was a membership specialist with Girl Scouts for many years, and she was in charge of my service unit for a long time. 

Betsy and Lou Ann
You might not have had time to talk with her at Great Escape; she was the blonde ball of fire who was cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the tables, sweeping the floor,  volunteering for any dirty job that needed doing.  

Lou Ann and Roxie - note Lou Ann's gloves!

We are going to miss you, Lou Ann! Thanks for all you've done for GE and GS!  Please come back from your new home in the South and see us at the Great Escape - you could sit down and take a couple of workshops!

Making a t-shirt quilt for Chelsea....

If you want to leave a comment, I'll make sure Lou Ann sees them.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Journaling

At the next GE, we'll be offering a workshop on Art Journaling.

If you are like me, you might have tried to keep a diary or a journal from time to time.  Perhaps you kept it up for a while but really, who has time to write a bit every day?  And the details of where you went and who you saw and what you ate and what you did can be boring.

Art Journaling is a bit different.  No need to do it daily.  No diary books with dates.  No dates in fact, and you can work in the back, front or middle.  You can paste things into it.  You can use different kinds of books!  Media - paint, pencil, pen, marker, inks - anything goes!  No guilt, no judgment.  Join us!  It will be fun.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

National Girl Scout Week

GSUSA has designated each day this week as a special day of service or interest.  Today is community service day; tomorrow is health and safety!  Friday is arts and culture day, so check back here and I'll have a post about an arts workshop being planned for Great Escape this September.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Girl Scout Week, March 9 - 15, 2014

It's Girl Scout Week!  Every year we celebrate the founding of our movement on March 12th, 1912.  This year, a council in North Carolina suggests daily ways to celebrate, including saying the Girl Scout Promise and wearing your uniform.  Do you have any ideas on how to celebrate?