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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workshops for 2014!

The (tentative) list of Great Escape Workshops for 2014 has been added to our website, and it's an exciting and impressive assembly of old and new!

 Of course the dynamic Kaye will be back singing and making art.

Pat and Paula will 'cover the waterfront' in canoes, Lesley will teach us archery - one of the skills most in demand by girls today, thanks to the Hunger Games.

Bandit has a new workshop on making a rug with a hula hoop, and "Hand and Foot" returns for card sharks of all persuasions.  Rose will be back for a second year with cigar box decorating!  Sue and I will be covering paper arts with scrapbooking, art journaling and gift tag making.

There'll be food workshops too!  That's just a preview.  We may add more.  So, jump on over and take a look at:

Great Escape 2014 Workshops

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