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Saturday, March 22, 2014


The other day I went to a retirement party for Lou Ann, our Great Escape liaison with GSEM.  Lou Ann was a membership specialist with Girl Scouts for many years, and she was in charge of my service unit for a long time. 

Betsy and Lou Ann
You might not have had time to talk with her at Great Escape; she was the blonde ball of fire who was cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the tables, sweeping the floor,  volunteering for any dirty job that needed doing.  

Lou Ann and Roxie - note Lou Ann's gloves!

We are going to miss you, Lou Ann! Thanks for all you've done for GE and GS!  Please come back from your new home in the South and see us at the Great Escape - you could sit down and take a couple of workshops!

Making a t-shirt quilt for Chelsea....

If you want to leave a comment, I'll make sure Lou Ann sees them.

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  1. Moving on is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Living a dream! I am so pleased for Lou Ann! She leaves a legacy at GSEM that sprouted from her commitment to PTGSC when I first knew her. I was most impressed with her ability to follow through with any promise she made, especially when she joined the Great Escape Committee. She walked a fine line between the council she worked for and the group for which she volunteered. That connection made it easy to pass along information, from requesting meeting space to determining how our auction proceeds would be spent! We will miss her dearly, but I am sure she will stay in touch and keep us in her heart. Hey! Somebody get her some GE business cards -- we've got a whole new community to advertise with!! Thanks, Lou Ann.