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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Many Hands Make Light Work

If you've been on a Girl Scout camping trip, you're familiar with kapers. At Great Escape we love kapers because many hands make light work! And that leaves more time for singing, eating or just chatting with friends for everyone.

At Great Escape this year we have 3 types of kapers. We'll be using the same random selection process as last year that takes into account each person's individual needs and skills.

Meal Hoppers: Hoppers are responsible for setting or cleaning up from one meal. And you know how much we love to eat at Great Escape!
Closing Camp: Each unit needs to be tidied and closed up at the end of our weekend together. Those sleeping in the unit will complete these jobs, which include sweepers and my personal favorite - Potty Princesses!
Service Activity: As part of Great Escape's giving back to Camp Wabasso each year, we break down the beds and put them away for winter storage. The more the merrier for this heavy duty task!

Be sure to stop by the concierge table after you check in to choose your kaper for Great Escape!

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  1. More importantly this instills a great work ethic and learning to work together in the girls! :)