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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Escapes - Work and Play - Play?

Before the plaque joins us at Camp for the Great Escape, (whoops, actually it's off for another trip to the UK!) here's a report on its last long journeys.  First, it accompanied Laura to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It checked out this cow in Logan airport.  (It's in the lower right corner by the cow's hoof.)

 Wisconsin is not the only cheesy state.... but it might be the only one with cheesehead hats on sale in the airport.  In spite of these lighthearted photos, Laura was on a work trip.  After her return the lucky laminate got to participate in a trip more on the order of the active pursuits it's gotten used to; Laura, her husband and the plaque participated in a bicycle trip from the Berkshires to Boston.  Laura didn't want to toot her own horn and tell me how far she actually rode, but one leg, from Devens to Boston was 52 miles!  That night she camped out in Boston Harbor and sent these pictures taken from her campsite of the harbor before and after sunrise.

Just before sunrise.
A view from a tent.  Did Laura rest on her laurels that day?  No, she rode 30 more miles around the city in a "Hub on Wheels" tour. 
Starting line.
She passed by the Zakim Bridge on her way into Boston, and who was by her side the whole time? Well her husband, presumably, but also a little friend.

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