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Thursday, September 25, 2014

And We're Off!

The Thursday Croo is already at Wabasso, running around posting signs, cleaning up, turning on fridges, checking to make sure there are beds and mattresses in the right places, putting TP and soap in the washhouses, and just generally making camp ready.

The kitchen crew is on to the 'checking it twice' portion of the list making process.  Aren't you glad that Market Basket is back on line?  I'll be blowing the Warner store a kiss when I get off the highway tomorrow afternoon.  Those were some difficult weeks this summer... I'm not sure we could pull off GE without our fall back store.  Someone on the committee always ends up taking a trip there on Saturday to buy something that's run out or been overlooked.

If you aren't able to be with us this year, we'll miss you (Anne, heal well!) and we'll send you a silent thought during the opening ceremony on Saturday morning.  Send one back, won't you?

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