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Sunday, July 6, 2014

New In 2014 - Art Journaling

What is it, you might ask?  Easy definition - art and words in a journal, together!  But like so many simple things, as one delves into the subject so many variations and refinements are created, that getting started can be overwhelming.  For example, what do you use for a journal?  What kinds of art materials do you need?   Why make the effort?  Which comes first - the words or the art?  What do you mean by art?  Do you have to combine the talents of Jane Austen and Georgia O'Keefe in order to be an art journalist?

Of course not!  All those questions will be answered in the workshop I'm offering at GE 2014. 

Spines and prickles may hide, golden sweetness found inside.
In the example above, blobs of paint were dropped at random and pushed around the page.  The top of a pineapple suggested itself - a couple of markers completed the image - and a short poem germinated during the process of drawing. 

Course participants will receive a journal and a pen - so if you haven't signed up yet, remember that Early Bird registration ends July 31!

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