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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learn To Paint

This year we are lucky to have a workshop presenter offering classes in how to paint in water colors and in acrylics. These are two very different media, but both are fun to work with.  And quite often these days, you will see them combined, with other materials as well, in mixed-media art - all the rage right now.  

 Like me, you might wonder what's the difference between the two kinds of paints and whether the method of using them is different? Watercolor paint uses a water soluble binder and the pigment (color) can be re-suspended by re-wetting when dry.  This allows colors to be layered, since the paint is usually transparent.  Acrylic paint uses a synthetic plastic binder which once dry can not be dissolved. Water color techniques can be used with acrylics to a limited extent, but usually oil painting techniques are used. Of course there are exceptions to every rule!

If you take either or both of these workshops, the instructor promises you will go home with several pictures to add to your collection, and of course, you'll have learned a lot!  So when you register, remember to check out the workshops page and choose something fun.

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