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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Every Great Escape Is A Reunion!

From Paula:  I’ve become rather thoughtful about reunions in the past two days.  As background, my husband celebrated one of life’s milestones at the College of the Holy Cross yesterday.  It was a jam-packed day of meeting former classmates who chatted about their lives over the 40 years since graduation on their way to where they are now.  It’s the time of year.  Spring brings us endings and beginnings:  pre-school sign-ups and kindergarten graduations, good-byes to high school friends anticipating college, tech schools or work, college grads – adults now – heading to grad school or job interviews...and looking years ahead to reunions of their own.

How time flies!  I remember many special reunions of my own, anticipating with pleasure seeing people I meet each year and relishing new connections with a love of Girl Scouting that we share without saying a word.  Great Escape is a time for catching up, looking back and looking forward.  Maybe “escaping” is what we must do to get there – all the logistics and strategizing to leave home for the weekend, but once there, it’s a reunion of everything we love rolled into food, fun and laughter.

There’s an emotional tear here and there while saying congratulations, good luck, best wishes and much success, and a pat on the back to the proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers who have supported and encouraged family and friends to reach for the stars.  I wish you many smiles.

See you in October!

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