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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Having Fun, Doing Good - Part 5

Last time, I told you that this year, our $1,500.00 Great Escape donation to GSEM is earmarked for rehabilitating the Camp Wabasso Challenge Course.

Example of a simple spider's web that children have to negotiate - no hands, no touch!
 GSEM staffer Amy explains the use of and plans for the course.

"The Wabasso challenge course is an experience where girls take risks and work together as a team with trained facilitators. We are looking into building a portable spider's web (where the girls need to get from one side to the next), islands (where small platforms are spaced apart and as a team they have to get from one end of the platforms to the other with only 2 2 by 4's), and an A-Frame ( Move a group member from point A to point B on a wooden A-Frame using ropes attached to the top of the structure) to start to build up the low challenge course. These are great older girl elements that provide an extra challenge to girls who have done the course before. 12 to 24 girls go through the course together, usually by unit.  During the summer all girls in 4th grade and above experience the course: that's 400+ girls each summer."

Can't show you the actual Wabasso installation yet, but here's another example!

The donation comes from the proceeds of the silent and live auctions and our merchandise!  Watch for more about our plans for the 2014 Great Escape auction and merchandise.


  1. I can't wait to see the new and improved course when we go to the GE In the Fall.

  2. A great team building idea!

    Have a lovely 4th of July!