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Friday, November 14, 2014

Where's Your Camp Home?

Great Escape, of course, is held at Camp Wabasso.  A great place for winter sports, as well.

It used to be at Camp Favorite, on Cape Cod.  That's where my daughter first learned to sail.  A fabulous place to take troops in the spring/early summer.

I went to Cedar Hill, as did my daughter and generations of other girls.  Can't count how many troops I've taken there as a leader/encampment director.

Maybe you float your boat at Camp Runels?

Which one of our GSEM camps is your home?  Virginia, Edith Read, Winnetaska, WIP? Rice Moody or Maude Eaton? Menotomy?  Somewhere to dream about as the snow starts to fly....

(thanks to the GSEM Waltham Store for lending me these shirts, which BTW are on sale for just $5 next week....)

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  1. Runels is my current camp home, though I've also called Favorite, Wabasso, Virginia and Cedar Hill my summer homes. There will always be a very special place in my heart for Camp Green Eyrie, where spent summers as a girl.