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Friday, October 23, 2015

What We Made 2015 Part 2

Danielle's Easy Camp Crafts workshop was a big hit.  A long time Girl Scout tradition is that little girls, at the beginning of their GS career, make a sit-upon.  These comfortable, waterproof, portable cushions protect little (or big!) bottoms from the cold, wet, dirty ground or floors.  In my (girl) era, these involved oil cloth, newspapers, a hole punch and gimp (plastic lacing.)  But no more - there's a new way to do it and it's easier!  And cheap!  And cute!  Here's a couple that were made in the workshop.

These are made from those chic plastic grocery bags that are everywhere these days, a bit of duct tape, and inexpensive roll up foam mattress 'egg crate' pads.  Cut the pad to fit, insert in the bag, tape the bag closed.  And of course, it comes with a built in carrying handle. 

Wouldn't these be a hit at your kids' or grandkids' sports events?  DD bought me two attractive bags for thirty cents each - I'm going to make a couple of these for my front porch to use next summer as I sit on the steps to drink my 5 am coffee in the rising sun.

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  1. I made these with my older girls and called them 'stadium cushions!' They sure keep your bottom from getting cold, wet and dirty at campfires. For larger girls, we used the .99 bags you can get at department stores such as TJ Maxx...