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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christa McAuliffe and Christa's House

Thirty years ago today, the Challenger space shuttle exploded, killing all seven astronauts on board, including the first "Teacher in Space," Christa McAuliffe.

Christa is a hero to all Americans, but Great Escapers keep a special place in their hearts for Christa. Not only was she a Girl Scout in Framingham, Massachusetts, but she is memorialized at Camp Wabasso, site of the Great Escape.  After her death, contributions from her family and friends paid for renovations of a little house on the property which is now known as "Christa's House."  It contains her Cadette uniform, handbook, and other GS memorabilia.  The walls of the dining area are decorated with posters from ski races held in her honor. During summer camp, the house serves as the infirmary. Troops of Girl Scout Juniors and above can reserve the house for use during the off season - since it's close to a couple of great ski areas, it's a popular place right now; and there's a great February vacation camp too!

During Great Escape, Christa's is a popular sleeping place for those requiring heat and hot water, and a venue for cooking and craft workshops.

She will not grow old, as we who are left grow old. Nor will her fellow crew member, Barbara Morgan, who, like every single American female astronaut to date, was a Girl Scout.   I'd like to think that if Christa had survived, perhaps she'd attend GE one year, maybe give a workshop or participate in the book club..  Certainly a bit of her spirit is there at Wabasso. Ave atque vale, Christa and Barbara, from your GS sisters.

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