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Monday, May 23, 2016

Challenge Course Workshop

If you've been to Great Escape, you've experienced our hilarious and well, sometime raucous, live auction.  We ask participants to donate a prize package or hand made item, worth $25.00 or more, and we auction them off for the benefit of GSEM camps, especially our home camp since 2005, Camp Wabasso.

A couple of years ago we were able to donate $1500.00 to help build the Wabasso Challenge Course, and now it's ready to go.  GSEM staffer, GE committee member and all around bubbly enthusiasm champ Jill will be offering a chance to take the challenge as a GE workshop.  This is a great chance to experience what girls do at camp, and to realize how your auction donations and purchases benefit girls.  Oh yeah, and challenge yourself to be part of a team working together to accomplish a goal!  Space is limited so sign up soon.  (BTW,  there's  great blog entry on what a challenge course brings to a girl's camp experience at GSEM's Camp Runel's blog.)

Here's a summary of our donations to date!  

Great Escape, by running a fund-raising auction each year, has raised and donated more than $14,250  most of which has been earmarked for Camp Wabasso.  The money was used by Girl Scouts, Eastern Massachusetts to provide new tables and windows in the Dining Hall, chairs, a new chair rack in the Lodge and to purchase mildew-resistant paint, a dehumidifier and a new stove for the basement of the Lodge, making it cozier and user-friendly.  Among other items, more than 25 new mattresses were purchased for the camp cots; all Wabasso Girl and Adult campers can be grateful for these clean and comfy mattresses!  In 2013, we donated money to help buy new ceiling fans/lights for the theatre so that it can be used more often.  In 2014, we donated $1500 towards restoration of the Adventure Course at Wabasso.  This year we are donating $3,500 towards outfitting all the winterized spaces with new stoves and buying new cross country skis. 

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