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Monday, June 13, 2016

Unplug in a Cabin In The New Hampshire Woods

Last week on CBS This Morning (the same day GSUSA CEO Ana Maria Chavez appeared) they ran a story about a new vacation trend.  For $99 per night and up, you can stay in a tiny cabin in New Hampshire where the cell phone service is bad and there's no wifi.  They even provide a box for you to lock up your cellphone.  That way you can unplug from ordinary life.  Of course, you have to do your own cooking, and bring all your food with you.  It's the latest trend!  Just think, a weekend in the woods that will only set you back about $300!

Or, tell you what, come to Great Escape and stay in a cabin in the New Hampshire woods, four sumptuous meals, hot drinks and snacks included, a great schedule of activities and workshops, and yes, no wifi, for $45 if you sign up before August 1st.  If you delay, it'll cost you $55.  If you insist, we'll take your cellphone and lock it up for you.  Kind of a deal, don't you think?  It's a trend you should jump on.

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  1. It's always a good idea to get away from it all. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.