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Thursday, July 7, 2016

What We Gave 2015

More people have signed up for Great Escape than ever before!  We are psyched that so many of us will be together this year to have a good time.  After Saturday dinner, we'll be having our amazing live auction - the proceeds benefit our GSEM camps, especially Camp Wabasso.

Last year we gave our largest single gift ever!  $3500.00 dollars - and we are thrilled.  It's earmarked for replacement stoves for the winterized camping spaces at Wabasso - up to 4 new stoves.
The rest is to be used to replace the nordic ski equipment that's available for troops/groups to rent at a very nominal fee.

When we decide what our gifts will be, we keep girls in mind.  If you've taken your girls to Wabasso in the winter you'll appreciate being able to cook efficiently and to introduce them to cross-country skiing at a nominal charge.
If you haven't - think about next year. 

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  1. Such wonderful news! Thank you for you kindness in keeping me in your thoughts. I am on on the mend and hope to be right as rain very soon.