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Thursday, October 17, 2013

2014 Dates Confirmed!

In the days before smart phones, way back long ago, even before filofaxes, the Hallmark people gave out free calendar books - about 3" x 3" with a page for each month.  Each page included the birthstone and flower for the month - as a December girl, mine were blue zircons and narcissi.  The idea was that one would write down all the birthdays and anniversaries for the year so that one could buy appropriate cards.  My mom always carried one in her purse - did yours?

Well, I was at the Hallmark store a few weeks ago and they had them again. 
Slightly bigger, and they changed my stone to turquoise but I'm paying no attention to that.  Here's the first date I put in:

Great Escape 2014, September 26 - 28th!
Look at the bottom right corner - right under GE - it says "Don't let precious "ME TIME" get lost in the shuffle.  Block it out on your calendar."  It's fate!

Put it in your calendar so we can make more memories together!

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