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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Girl Scout Ceremony Tips and Links

Great Escape always begins and ends with a ceremony.  See some of them here:

If you are responsible for any kind of Girl Scout ceremonies, here's some hints and links you might find helpful.

Use Google.  Type “Girl Scout Ceremonies.”  Or something more specific such as “Brownie Fly up ceremonies” “Girl Scout Bridging Ceremonies”  Scout’s Own ceremonies, Girl Scout Flag Ceremonies, Girl Scout Investiture Ceremonies,  Girl Scout Rededication Ceremonies.

Girl Scout Ceremonies Book:  GSUSA published different editions of “Ceremonies in Girl Scouting.”  The information is online at the links below but if you like books, keep your eye open for used copies.

Bridging: GSEM did a webinar on bridging ceremonies.  It was great!  You can watch/listen at

Pinterest: mostly Daisy stuff because it hasn’t been around that long.  Lots of cake ideas!

BE SENSITIVE TO YOUR AUDIENCE:  Some ceremonies mention God, etc.  Consider using more inclusive language.  Don’t ask people to ‘swear;’ some sects prohibit that.  There’s a ceremony going around out there where Girl Scout Daisys are put into an ‘oven’ and come out as Brownies.  Don’t do this ceremony or sure as shootin’ there will be someone who will have terrible (and justifiable) memories of the Holocaust. 
Wear your Uniform!  And ask the girls to wear theirs.  The pictures will look much better. Take pictures!
Candle ceremonies are great if you are at a venue where they are allowed.  Make sure to teach the girls how to light candles ahead of time.  Most of them don’t learn that anymore.  Tie back that beautiful long hair!!!

            Links to lots of great ceremonies from Heart of NJ council.
            58 pp of ceremonies!
            20 pp from North Carolina council
            Scouting Web is very helpful but lots of old stuff you will need to rewrite….
            Scout’s own – a very important ceremony, but neglected now - let's bring them back!
Need flags?
Girl Scouts sells them!

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