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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

GSUSA'S Kelly Parisi - Ban Bossy

GSUSA's Kelly Parisi recently spoke at our GSEM Symposium kicking off the new Girl Scout year.  She's working on the "Ban Bossy" campaign that GSUSA is doing with the "Lean In" foundation.  Here's a video of a TedX Times Square talk that she did.  When you watch it, pay special attention to her story about her gymnastics coach.  Think about that story in the context of your work with girls.  Are we as good as we can be at making sure that leadership qualities are rewarded rather than stigmatized?

Watch it here:

Remember, we're going to be discussing "Lean In" and how we can use the campaign in our work with girls and adults at this year's Great Escape.  You can see more here:  Lean In at Great Escape.

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