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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Joy of Singing Together - At Great Escape

If you have already been to GE you know singing is an important part of the event.  Bring your 'fans' so you can join in!  This year we are planning an update to the 'fan' with some new, fun songs to learn and teach.  It's gonna be great - and if you've never been, well, we'll give you a 'fan' when you sign in.  No matter what the weather is, at GE we're all hot and we all need fans!  So bring 'em if you've got 'em and whether you are old or new, register now!

If you'd like to try out one of the new songs we might sing, here's one.  I think it's appropriate for the end of summer; sing it to the tune of Bing Crosby's old hit, "The Bells of St Mary's."

The embers of campfires are now slowly dying,
the birds and the wood folk have gone to their rest.
The stars up above us are now shining brightly,
O God of nature grant to us a peaceful rest.

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