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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just Putzing Around

Here's a little work in progress - a new putz house.  I haven't decided yet on the roofing material so it looks a bit stark.  Still I am pretty happy because I painted it with my home-made chalky paint and I like the texture that gives to the walls.
As you can see from the next photo, it's twice the size of the last one I made, almost 6 inches wide. It's a dull rainy Sunday, so excuse the photo quality - the houses look much better in person!
I have more decisions to make - should I put it on a base?  What will I use for trees?  How will I illuminate it so the light shines out of the windows and doors (a light through the back or the bottom?)  Decisions, decisions.  I'll have the process all worked out by Great Escape, though!  If you want to make a house of your own, register for the weekend and the workshop at the Great Escape website....

1 comment:

  1. Oh I just adore Putz houses. I can't wait to see your little home finished.
    Have a wonderful weekend!