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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Early Birds Get Something Better Than Worms!

My school is out, is yours?  We've all looked forward to summer, and with the summer solstice happening tonight, I'm taking a moment of the longest day of the year to look forward to the fall equinox!  Yes, it's just three months until Great Escape! 

Remember, Early Bird registration ends on August 1 and we're about half full right now!  We offer a $10 discount to Early Birds - it's a great deal when you remember you get 4 full meals, snacks, and two nights lodging for only $45 dollars.  We researched every Girl Scout weekend in America and confirmed - ours is the best and most reasonably priced.  Any Girl Scout adult or high school senior is welcome - no matter what council you belong (or once belonged) to.

Register now to get the best choice of workshops - one is full and one is almost full!

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