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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Means Great Escape!

Yesterday we were outside before breakfast and DH said "This is the first morning that feels like school."  He meant that the air was cool and dry and the sky was bright blue, reminding him of an early morning walk across campus.  Now that I'm a little older, fall, which used to mean school, means a visit or two to one of our GSEM camps.
  This weekend it's Runels, next weekend, Wabasso for the Great Escape!
On Sunday, my troop asked me if we could go 'glamping' this year.  I was proud to tell them that indeed I was going glamping this month and I'd show them pictures of how it turned out.  (I promised them a 'glamping' trip in the spring.) You will see the photos, too, so if you weren't able to register on time, remember to watch the blog because we might have some little surprises, some little innovations to show everyone!

If you are coming to GE for the first time, remember that although September days can be glorious, the nights can be cool, so let me remind you that layers are your friends and cotton kills!  Over the last few years I've decided that camp time is time to be comfortable and fashion can wait - yoga pants, hoodies, layers and warmth without weight are the watchwords!

OTOH, those cotton wreaths that Joanna Gaines popularized are the bomb.Yes, I'm still wreath - obsessed.

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