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Monday, September 5, 2016


My friend Laura over at Decor to Adore is making napkins with acorn rings today.  That reminded me that acorns is the theme of this year's Great Escape.
Last year they were abundant, falling big and plump and noisy from the trees by this time. That's why I chose them as my them even before GE 2015 was over!
This year they are tiny, stunted by lack of water, falling while still green, some of them, ignored by the squirrels and chippies who seem to have moved to greener pastures - perhaps the trees deep in the woods have done better than the 15 oaks on my lawn.

I expected that Hermine would bring us a little water - having had a great aunt by marriage of that name I thought perhaps it was a good omen - but no, the sun is shining again although it's cool and windy! But the warm and dry weather will be a boon at Great Escape.  If you have any acorns, bring them with you.  I need them.

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