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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hot Cider

One of the innovations at GE this year was hot cider on the hospitality bar.  I made some for a party this weekend, so I thought I'd share the simple recipe - it always is a hit!

Take one navel orange.  Peirce the skin with a toothpick or skewer. (If you ever get one of those fruit arrangements, save the plastic skewers.  They are the best ever for piercing citrus skin! Trust me, I used to make pomanders every year.)  Insert a whole clove in holes in some pretty pattern.  I also make a few extra holes to allow the orange flavor to come out.

Put the orange and three large cinnamon sticks per gallon of cider in a pot or crockpot.  Add cider. 
Bring to edge of a boil on stove top, or cook on high in crockpot until almost bubbly.  Turn down stove to lowest simmer, or turn crockpot to warm.  Serve.
If you have leftovers, use a strainer and funnel to pour the leftover cider back into the original jug.  Refrigerate for up to a week; warm leftovers in the microwave or on stove.

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