Registration for GE 2019 will open in spring 2019!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

And the forest beckons....

Yes, we are still working on this year's plans and hoping for spring.

 Kaye "Cookie" reminded us of how lovely it was at last year's event, so I am sharing her reaction to this photo with you!
I hope you had a moment this last week to reflect on our 106th anniversary on March 12th and that you have a good week.  It looks as if there will not be a northeaster on the first day of spring! Yeah!

Thanks to Michelle K for the photos!

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  1. Thanks for your reflections, Deb, and to Michelle for her lovely photos. As you know, the Committee is already olanning for Great Escape 2018. We always have a surprise or two up our sleeves! Registration will open mid-May. Watch the web site and sign up early!!