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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Great Escape Is Over

...but planning for next time has already begun ! Your committee had a wrap-up meeting at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon-gobbling up yummy leftovers-thank-you Sarah, Andrea, Jess, Beth and Katie!! (Did you know we always send some to a shelter program? Nothing is wasted.)

 But I digress. We can talk about food another time. Actually, tell you what. If you're interested, let us know and we'll ask one of our fair cooks to tell us a bit about our menus and food.

Watch for next year's date to appear real soon now. We're awaiting confirmation. We KNOW the date, but can't tell you yet!

Fun stuff is already in the works. Workshops and presenters, next year's menu, the new, new, new GEAA and a special event to celebrate it, product sales and more! Watch our website, Facebook page and this blog for more news over the next few weeks.  You never know what all these creative minds are up to!

BTW…are you a guitar player? Contact me if you are. We need to talk to you!!

Special thanks to all of you who have come to Great Escape. We can make plans until the judgment day, but unless you come, we've got no real party. You are the ones who make it happen. Thanks for the fun!

Happy Trails,

Pat G.

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