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Friday, October 12, 2012

About The Great Escape Committee

There are some very special people I want you to meet.  No, I NEED you to meet:  the Committee that has been incredibly supportive and continues to have vitality and enthusiasm since this adventure began many years ago. 

Some recall the original Great Escape days on the Cape; others' special memories are of Camp Wabasso in New Hampshire.  We are from communities across the Council (and other councils), have varied backgrounds and family stories, work (or not) in different organizations, drive SUVs or school buses, and enjoy hiking or swimming, knitting or woodworking, but make creating a weekend in the woods of New Hampshire one you will long remember a priority.

This year, like all others, the committee was a group of people who know that their collective efforts will make for an experience unlike any in Girl Scouting.  A "working" committee:  where everyone contributes time and talent to ensure others are able to relax and rejuvenate while meeting new friends and sharing a laugh. Thank yous should start no where else but with food. 

This year, we had an amazing group in the kitchen:  Sarah, Andrea, Jess, Katie and Beth.  Each plays a significant role, from planning the budget and menu, raiding extra supplies from camp stores (with Council's permission, of course!), arranging recipes and general oversight of the kitchen prep staff. 

Hospitality was chaired this year by "Jump in with Both Feet" Lois, assisted by early-birds Lou Ann, Ginny & Mel.  Thanks for the delightful centerpieces and gracious table settings as well as the ever popular Kaper chart and assignment plan!  (Many hands make light work!)

We have a Thursday Night Crew who sets about creating the "gracious living" ambiance you found when you arrived at Camp Wabasso.  Donna's group plans dinner first (who wouldn't) and then gets down to the business of checking each site and delivering supplies, setting up the "Welcome" table for check-in, moving chairs and tables for workshops, and generally preparing for your arrival!  Thanks to Kaye, Sue, Betsy, Lesley, Louise, Laura and Kathy (did I forget anyone?) for all they do both on site and behind the scenes to make our stay pleasant and fun. This year's special decorations really made the dining room look more homey - nice job!  Who knew a Girl Scout Birthday party could be so colorful!

Tech-savvy Deb has become an indispensable member of our Committee for setting up (and getting us to use) the GE Yahoo site, working with Mel on our Great Escape Facebook page and GsGreatEscaper Blog and generally keeping us in touch with each other and with all participants.  She was responsible for our new mugs.  If you didn't get one in New Hampshire, they'll be at the next event.

Many thanks to those who wear many hats including Louise, our photographer, Linda , Janine, and Danielle, who passed up the weekend this year to get married!!  Don’t forget Pat who keeps me on the straight and narrow:  my hat’s off to all of you for making our stay incredibly wonderful!  If only the weather could cooperate!  We still enjoy each other’s company, meeting old friends and new, and breathing in the fresh fall air.  Thanks to all.

When will we see you again?  When will we share precious moments?  As Pat has already told you, next year’s date has been set.  Join us at Camp Wabasso October 4-6, 2013.  We’ll be there, how about you?

by Paula

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