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Monday, October 1, 2012

The 30th Anniversary Great Escape Was Fabulous!

Back from the Great Escape and here's some of the highlights -

The cupcakes - lots of different kinds with amazing frosting - the one with coconut, caramel and chocolate was my favorite.

Cannolis - two different fillings - and leftover vanilla filling on my oatmeal Sunday morning.

The synchronized swimming - you had to be there!

The formation of the Great Escape Alumni Association - more about this later - but if you have ever attended GE you are a member!

The closing ceremony - so wonderful, I think I'll hang up my hat as ceremony queen and let those ladies do it again.

The singing - especially the song after the last one when the fabulous Kaye taught a new song in harmony!

The auction was fab - later we'll tell you how much and what improvements to our camps we are going to make with the money....remember it's all about helping out!

The number of mother/daughter teams there this year - we'll count later....What's your favorite GE memory?


  1. Hiking around Wabasso with new friends,sharing old memories of scouting, and the foliage was gorgeous.
    The songs were wonderful because of the fabulous singers.:)

  2. We had a blast in the kitchen - we're all in agreement we truly enjoy cooking for all of you wonderful folks!