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Friday, December 5, 2014

Wreath Obsession - Part 2

One small problem with the wrapped styrofoam wreaths is that they take up room to store.  I started seeing a lot of art on Pinterest that used old book pages, and scrapbook paper that looked as if it were covered with faded script.  Combining those two things with the leftover sheet music and a set of star-shaped cookie cutters, I came up with these totally flat wreaths, of which I made 7 last Christmas. Dollar store ribbon (from the wedding and baby sections) and paint dipped pine cones (yes, I saw that on Pinterest) finish them off.
 I gave all but one of the Christmas wreaths away.  On to Valentine's Day with more cookie cutters as stencils and doilies as a background.
 I found some heart shaped doilies at the store, added wrapping paper and hearts cut from bulb catalogs, and heart shaped resin 'jewels' sold at the dollar store as 'table scatter.'

Spring, Easter and Patriots' Day followed in their usual order.

Back to the stars and music, picks from the Dollar Store, ribbon from stash.
DD graduated from college.  This one stayed on the door all summer!  BTW, she had a wreath of some kind on her dorm door all year long. Every time she came home or we visited I gave her a new one.She made the first one herself using an old grape vine wreath, some shells she collected, sea stars we got as wedding favors, and lavender and hydrangeas that she picked from our garden.  That apple didn't fall too far!
Finally, fall came around again.  Leaves, nuts and pine cones dominated my thoughts.  Note the orange bow and apples which were recycled from the previous year's wrapped wreath.  I take the bows off to store the wreaths and reuse them.

The book page leaves on the second wreath are sprayed with alcohol ink.

As winter rolls around, all thoughts turn to holidays once more.  Last year I gave star wreaths to my wonderful service unit cookie and fall sale chairs.  This year, my rocking parade coordinator got this for Hanukkah. She said is her first wreath ever!
I made a few that I forgot to photograph as well.

As we start to think about workshops for Great Escape 2015, I'm thinking I might want to teach one on wreaths.  Ya think?

Next post; combining two obsessions, coffee and wreaths.

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