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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wreath Obsession - Part 1

For almost three years now I've been obsessed with making wreaths.  I don't know why - I think it's something about the form of a circle within a circle.  I find the symmetry comforting.  (Why yes, plane geometry was my best math class ever!)

I challenge myself to make them from free/almost free materials.  I had some photocopied sheet music sitting around (it had been in the basement for years - took it out of a recycling bin) and I saw a wreath on Pinterest made of cones of music on a cardboard base.  That was in October 2012.  This was the result.  It's on my bedroom door right now.

I used the same stash to make these folded and cut ornaments.

The following Thanksgiving, I made these using garden center catalogs, a few scraps of watercolor paper, and some hickory nuts.
At the same time, I decided I wanted to use up some odds and ends of fabric by making these "Rapid Wrapped Wreaths."  Fabric wrapped over a styrofoam base, but I use pins to attach everything so that they can be rapidly changed to be used for other occasions.
The holly leaves and berries are cut from paint chips.
On a bedroom door for a girl's room.  I have to put wreaths on every door in the house - even the laundry!

The bunny is from the dollar store; the ribbon was in my stash. Felt left from a project so old I can't remember it!
The plastic heart/dove is from a chocolate box.  I added the cardstock and doily.  The fleece is left over from making Christmas stockings about 16 years ago.
Two flower picks from the dollar store, cut and reformed with floral tape into two nosegays.
More flowers and leaves from the dollar store.

Pumpkin from the Dollar Store plus tulle left over from last high school reunion.
With one red and one yellow wreath, you can redecorate for a full year.  Red for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Patriots' Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July.  Yellow for St Patrick's Day, spring, summer and fall.

Then I started making wreaths out of old books, pizza boxes and other paper - those will have to wait for a separate post or two!

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