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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wreath Obsession - Part 3

I spend too much time and money drinking coffee (and tea and chai) either home made, or shamefully often, from coffee shops. (Although many Girl Scouts around here hold adult planning and recruitment meetings at coffee shops.) I frequent Panera, Starbucks, DD, any handy cafe, any time I feel the need of a pick me up.  In an effort to reuse the cardboard sleeves used to keep hands from burning, I've been saving them. DD and friends have donated theirs.  I cut them open and separated the unglued sides from the glued ones.  Sadly, Starbucks prints a date on each one, so they are not as useful as they might be, and have to be painted.  I fooled with whether to cut holly leaves, paint with thinned latex, acrylic or alcohol...but finally made this.
The ethereal tulle bow does not photograph well, but the streamers are long, and notched at the bottom.  Here it is before the bow.

I think the different textures are attractive, don't you?  I used unthinned latex paint, a .50 cent sample that I picked up in Florida at an Ace Hardware (always check the sample sale table!)

I hope this is the last wreath I feel compelled to make in 2014.  (Is there a support group for crazy crafters and Pinterest addicts?)

The GE committee will be meeting the first week of February to begin work on the workshop schedule for GE 2015, so if you have suggestions, requests, or you want to teach one, let us know by email or comment here!

Now where the heck am I going to put this?

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