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Monday, February 16, 2015

No Escaping This!

The plaque thought that a relaxing beach weekend would be just the ticket for the Presidents' Day weekend.  Many of the GE committee members are avid quilters, and one, Laura, decided to combine the beach and quilting on Cape Cod.  Usually, the Cape receives less snow than the rest of Massachusetts, and those who crave a quick escape from winter can seek refuge in the relatively balmy ocean climate.  But Mother Nature had other plans this year.  The next two pictures are from before the Valentine's blizzard, on Friday.
But on Saturday afternoon, the snow began.  So, Laura and the plaque spent Saturday and most of Sunday inside, quilting.

This was the scene out the window - storm over Buzzards Bay.
Two young ladies who were vacationing at the resort and could not go outside to frolic in the hurricane force winds wandered by and were invited to come inside and learn how to sew!
By the time they left, they had made new purses!  Of course, their new friends had helped but what proud faces complement those new bags!
Laura writes " Quilters are just like Girl Scouts: they are welcoming and giving.  The girls left with big smiles." 

After the storm, the sun always comes back.  It's easy to forget that.  At the end of Sunday afternoon, although the bay was actually beginning to ice over (very unusual!) the view out the window was greatly changed!

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