Registration for GE 2018 is open!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Retreat! Retreat!

No, we're not rushing backwards.  Quite the reverse.

The majority of the GE Committee went to our annual retreat last weekend.  We had a lot of fun as well as many hours of meetings and discussions about GE 2015 and our plans for the future.  Here we are with the plaque and our green neckers.
We were at Camp Runels in the Health Lodge - a great place for winter camping, BTW!  We ate well, including pizza on Friday night - with a healthful salad, of course.

We engaged in serious discussions, with the help of much coffee.
In fact, we decided to buy a new coffee pot and more thermal pots to ensure availability of hot drinks at GE!

Of course, we indulged in a few sweet snacks, including these delicious mints in the shape of Washington State that our friend Darlene sent us!  Yummy! Darlene came all the way from WA to be with us last year - and we are thrilled to have a friend in the west.  You come this year!
We'll be announcing more news - we aim to open registration by May 1.  The call for workshop presenters has already gone out, and we hope to have - well, we already know we have - some great new choices for you next year!


  1. Baby and I modeling our GE fleece and it's stretchy capabilities!

  2. Yes, Danielle, I'm wearing my vest right now and reveling in the warmth of the pockets! Lots of room for all the extra layers we need right now, not to mention the extra winter carbs that we don't have an excuse for - but you do! xo!