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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why Girls Need Girl Scouting - and Camp

As you know, if you read this blog,  Great Escape supports Girl Scout Adults, Girl Scouting and Girl Scout camps.  Some people say to me that girls no longer need an all-girl environment because we have equality now, right?

Wrong.  Look what I saw in a store today.

Girls are told to be 'glamorous goddesses' while boys are urged to be the best at everything.  The boy is depicted as seeking adventure - jumping into the water - and the girl stays indoors scrubbing her feet.  How much fun is that?  None allowed for girls, evidently.

And the publisher perpetrating these stereotypes?  Scholastic.  The one that sends those annoying flyers home urging parents to buy 'books' that are just tie-ins to the latest Disney movies and the toys and video games of the moment.  These messages are being sent to girls at school.

We still need Girl Scout camp where girls can forget their appearance, have adventures, get messy, and learn to be the best at everything.

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