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Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Friends and Old

Kathy says:  I just sent in my registration and before you know it Great Escape will be here. I‘m part of the Thursday night crew - we volunteer to go early to set up the camp: clean the kitchen and dishes, set up tables and benches in the dining hall, bring supplies to washhouses and  workshop sites and run to the store when the cooks need something.

Why do I do this? I believe in the purpose behind the Great Escape - yes it is a weekend for "me" time but it is so much more. It is a time to meet with friends seen once or twice a year and to catch up with all that has happened since last met- sharing hugs and sometimes tears;  to be away from the stress of work and life in general; to gather fresh ideas and new songs to bring back to Girl Scout troops and leaders; to bask in the sunshine and crisp fresh air of New Hampshire (and sometimes to shiver and huddle away from the rain, after all this is New England);  to laugh and laugh some more; to make new friends who become cherished old friends; to realize the love of the Girl Scout program we all share and to know we are a part of the bigger picture.

I read Kaye's post and what she said is so true -I too come away from this weekend with so much more than I bring. Join us and see if it isn’t the same for you. I always enjoy making a new friend!

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