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Monday, June 3, 2013

Workshop Preview: Me-Time Crafts

Danielle here!  As a kid, I loved camp. And given the opportunity (and time) to go back now, I would. But sometimes being with new girl friends 24/7 for two weeks can be a bit much. All the sharing, swimming, learning, and socializing can leave you feeling as if you need 10 minutes to just hang out quietly by the lake, which is why I loved "me-time." Me-time was camp speak for unscheduled, do-what-you-want between activities time (at least at Camp Chenoa -- Swift Water (Green & White Mountains), represent!).

One thing I loved to do during me-time was work on a small craft -- something that could be easily picked up and put down as time, location, and friends allowed. I hope to run an entire series of Great Escape workshops for different me-time craft ideas, but one I'll be doing this year is the me-time craft most dear to my heart: GIMP! Gimp, also known as plastic lacing, is a well-beloved craft for Girl Scouts. We'll cover a few of the basic stitches and "finishing touches" to turn your gimp items into bracelets, key chains, or other fun accessories.

We'll also explore the craftier side of every prepared Girl Scout's favorite must-have item: DUCT TAPE! It's not just gray and boring anymore. It comes in all sorts of crazy patterns and colors! We'll explore fun, easy-to-make items that you keep and can take back to your girls.
Now, go register for the Great Escape and for your workshops!

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  1. Oh I too love gimp and duct tape. I have some aqua polka tape I adore right now!