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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Not Come to Great Escape?

Pat writes: Great Escape...isn't it amazing that I only have good memories of this event?
I remember...
Everyone I spoke to said I should go because I would have a wonderful time.
Worrying that I wouldn't know anyone and would feel 'left out'.
Worrying that I’d have nothing to do.
But...even if I just had some 'down' time it could be good (I had 2 kids and often had babies at our house for foster care). We were between foster kids, so I was available.
It was at a camp I'd never been to but always wanted to see.
People raved about the food.

So why not go?

I went.

It really was a wonderful time!
I knew a couple of people...sort of. But it made no difference. The biggest surprise was that everyone was so friendly, I never felt left out!
There was lots to do...or not. I had a choice. So I took a nap, sat on the beach, did some group stuff... too soon, the day was over! Even better... after dinner everyone sat and sang, sang, sang. Songs you didn't have to know because they would be taught.  I never wanted it to stop. I had no voice left at the end. So many smiles, I couldn't believe it!
I got to see the beautiful!
Sleep in a peaceful!
And the food was as good as everyone said it added bonus!

The next time we were between foster kids and every time after that, I made it my business to go, and I've always been glad I did!

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