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Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 7: Closing Ceremony and Dinner

Finally, Day 7 and the GSEM destination, Whales, Tales and Trails, had to end.  At the closing dinner, held in the Lodge at Endicott College (a very girl-scout-y wood framed cabin with canoes suspended from the ceiling and skis, snow shoes and tennis racquets on the walls) the girls presented their Girl Scouts' Own closing ceremony.

There was an Italian banquet, speeches, laughter and yes, a few tears.  Later there would be marathons of packing and chatting in the dorm, but this was a time for all the committee members and adults from Girl Scouts, Eastern Massachusetts who were involved with the destination to bid goodbye to the 24 wonderful girls and 4 fabulous chaperones who made this destination such a wonderful experience.

Beth, Gail, George and Kit
Parents, grandparents, thank you for sending us your Girl Scouts!  I'm sure it was hard for you to send them off 'beyond the blue horizon' but your girls will have learned a lot and taken some big steps on their journeys towards successful adulthood.

Girls, I enjoyed meeting you all and I hope those of you who are still girl members will urge other Girl Scouts to apply for a destination for next year - and apply yourself - the new list goes up on the GSUSA website in November!  And when you are a senior in High School - come to the Great Escape!  It's an adult destination that happens every year!


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