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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Great Oaks

Every year, we begin Saturday of the Great Escape with a hearty breakfast and an opening ceremony.  First, as Girl Scouts are wont to do, we raise and salute the flag, and recite our promise and law.  This year's color guard were three sisters, enjoying a weekend together in a rustic cabin.

 Then we strive to illuminate some theme of our work as Girl Scout Adults. The theme of this year's ceremony was acorns.
Since so many people attended this year, we huddled up so all could hear as the 'voluntold' readers did their parts, papers clutched firmly in hand
The text of the ceremony is posted on the website here.  Steal it if you need it!

Then we gathered for a group photo - but so many of us couldn't fit in one photo!


  1. I am really enjoying your posts. It makes me sad that I will miss next years GE.

  2. We'll miss you, Sue, but you'll be in our hearts...and since you'll miss our 'wrap up' meeting, you'll find lots of new jobs on your plate for 2018!!! Ha! Ha!