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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mind If We Call Ya Bruce?

Sorry, I just could not resist that line from one of my all-time favorite Monty Python sketches.  But it's relevant because today's post is a thank you to the guy who is listed in my cell phone contacts as 'Wabasso Bruce.'  Bruce has been the caretaker of Camp Wabasso for a while now, and I do admire his ingenious devices, such as the temperature controlled lights he puts in the windows of the lodge and Christa's house in the winter - the lights go on when the temperatures in the buildings go below 55 degrees.  He noticed our attempts over the years to light up the path to the bathrooms from the dining hall well enough so that mature campers can navigate the rocks and exposed roots.  Last year he rigged up these great lights, and this year he painted the obstacles white.

When I've been at Wabasso troop camping, Bruce always checks in with me by phone.  If I say, "Mind if I call ya, Bruce" he says "sure!"  So just a little comma makes my title legit.  Thanks for all you do, Bruce!

1 comment:

  1. I loved the light path to the bathroom. It was strangely magical.